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Australian Visa from Philippines and Thailand

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Welcome to the home page of Australian Visa Team – Visitor Visa and Partner Visa Specialist. We are a professional Australian visa service.  Our area of specialty is Partner and Visitor visas from the Philippines and Thailand. We also help with Partner Visa applications from other countries.  Our experience will ensure that your application will meet all legal requirements.  We have helped thousands of happy clients with successful visa applications.

Visitor Visa and Partner Visa Specialist

Firstly, our specialty is getting Australian visas for Philippines and Thai nationals.  We have helped thousands of Australians bring their partners to Australia.  We also help with Partner Visa applications from other high-risk countries including; Vietnam, Indonesia, China and India.

We have helped many Philippines and Thai clients get their Australian visa.  Getting a visa for Thais and Filipinos can be a minefield.  Many Thai and Filipino girlfriends get refused when they apply by themselves.  Because they may not have the appropriate work history. They might not be able to prove they are genuine.  You can sponsor your girlfriend to get her to Australia.  WE CAN HELP. Australian Visa Team will ensure your Thai of Filipino girlfriend gets her visa.

Visa applications can be tricky.  But we never get it wrong.  We have helped thousands of Filipino girlfriends, and wives get their Australian visa.  The visas can be for a holiday.  To visit a boyfriend.  To start a new life in Australia with their husband.  We will ensure that she can come to Australia.

Our Agents have all been through the process themselves

All our Agents have been through this process themselves.  Every Agent has a Filipino or Thai wife or girlfriend.  Every one of them has bought that lady to Australia to visit, and then to live.  All our agents have personal experience.  With their own wife’s Australian visa application.  This is the difference between our company and the rest.  We know what your are going through.  We know you just want to get it done…  As a result we have so many people use our service again.  This is why so many people recommend us.  Because we understand the importance of success.  We understand that you want to have your wife or girlfriend by your side.  To have her in Australia. To be sure you have made the best choice.

Free Interpreter Service

We offer a free Interpreter service.  We will contact your girlfriend or wife and tell them about the process. Tell them what documents to provide. Your partner will appreciate a call from our interpreter.  To calm the nerves.  To explain the process and be on hand for any questions.  Our Agents have all been through their own visa applications.  They will be able to offer expert advice on the whole process.

Free Translation for Thai Applicants

In addition, we offer free translation of all your required documents.  For Australian partner visa applications and visitor visa applications.  We offer a free service to translate all your required documents.  You will then be sent the translations to keep.  The translations meet all requirements. We also offer a fast turn around time. Normally only 3 days. So save yourself some time and money.

Expert advice, simple process, visa approved

We will normally have a visa for your girlfriend or wife approved within two weeks.

Take the hassle and confusion out of the visa application process.  Get a professional to help. Use a Visitor visa and Partner Visa Specialist. We have helped so many people get their visa. Our fees are low and the level of service is high. Even after having a refusal already – people have success by using the Australian Via Team. People who thought everything would be easy the first time. Unfortunately, visas from these high-risk countries are hard to get. Receiving a refusal of your application can be disappointing.  It can also affect your relationship.  Don’t get caught out. Use the Australian Visa Team. Get her a visa the first time.

Australian visa service for your Thai girlfriend?

Picture of Visitor and Partner Visa SpecialistAre you looking to get an Australian visa for your Thai girlfriend? If you need a Visitor and Partner Visa Specialist, then you have come to the right place.  Because we have been processing Australian Visas for Thai girlfriends for years.  We can safely say that we are the experts with more than 600 visas granted from Thailand.  We also have long experience in getting 12-month visas for Thai ladies. If your Thai girlfriend or Thai wife is currently in Australia, we can advise you on how to keep her here.  Finally, if you are married to a Thai lady and you are looking for an Australian visa then please check out our dedicated page for Australian visas for Thais.

Australian visa service for your Filipino girlfriend?

Need an Australian visa for your Filipino girlfriend? If you need a Visitor and Partner Visa Specialist then you have come to the right place.  We have been processing Australian Visas for Filipino girlfriends for years.  So we are the experts.  With more than 1100 visas approved from the Philippines!  Finally, if you are married to a Filipino lady and you are looking for an Australian visa. Please check out our dedicated page for Australian visas for the Philippines.

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